CSR Report

Corporate report highlighting Legg Mason’s commitment to social responsibility.

Challenge & Opportunity

Our task was to develop a visually engaging piece that brought a large amount of data to life. To bring the data front and center, the cover was designed with an illustrative data visualization. The key performance indicators outlined in the report then needed to tie back to the cover visualization. Infographics were utilized throughout to make the data easier to digest.

  • Client Legg Mason
  • Role Sole Designer
  • Year 2015
CSR Report Cover
CSR Report About Legg Mason
CSR Report About This Report
CSR Report 2015 Highlights
CSR Report CSR Governance
CSR Report People & Community
CSR Report People & Community 2
CSR Report People & Community 3

Our team was instrumental in moving the medium

away from print to the web

as an interactive landing page

CSR Report Landing Page

Next Project

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